What do you know about ties?

Do you know the history of ties? In Boccola Design Barcelona we clear all your doubts

Tie's History

It is not known for certain when this elegant complement of men's clothing is born, although it seems that around 1650 the Croatian mercenary troops of Louis XIV who appeared in France wore a strip around the neck, which at its ends formed a rosette. It caused so much impression that "Croatian" quickly became fashionable. From "Croatian" to "tie", a step.

It was a fact of such an impact at the time that Louis XV himself created in court the figure of the neck-holder, a person whose only task was to put on and take off his tie to the king.

Since then, the art of knotting a piece of cloth has become the most elegant sign of man's dress. In "L'Art De Se Mettre La Cravatte" (manual attributed to Honorato de Balzar, published in Paris in 1827), the importance of this garment is exalted and 22 different ways of tying it are described: Windsor, Middle Windsor, English, American , etc.

As an anecdote, it is said that in the time of Napoleon this one always carried a black tie with the white border. On the morning of June 18, 1815, he decided to change his tie, the day on which he lost the battle of Waterloo, according to M. Beausset, prefect of the palace.

Today, due to the great assortment of drawings and colors that it presents, are more than 600 million men who tie a tie daily.





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