Ties and fashion accessories

Diseño y calidad

Design and quality

Exquisite quality and exclusive design are the hallmarks of elegance, sophistication and good dressing.

At Boccola, we look after the details and the design of our fashion accessories, and are committed to their quality and exclusivity.

We make a wide range of products that we put our personal stamp on.


  • Ties: We produce in different natural and synthetic fabrics of the highest quality: Italian silk, microfibre, wool and other materials, wide and narrow-bodied ties.
    The efforts of our R&D department have led to the patent for a new model of tie with eyelet, that means that three eyelets can be applied to a small-bodied tie, which allows the tie to be buttoned to the shirt, stopping it from moving or flying around. In addition, as part of our process of continuous improvement, we have just launched another patent in the market: smartie, marking some identification lines along the small end that indicate, when making the knot, where the two ends should cross, so that the small end is always shorter than the big one.

  • Scarves: the best and most modern designs for men and women, made with soft and warm fabrics, ideal for the coldest winter days. Our natural or synthetic fabrics are wool or acrylic-based, as well as viscose, silk….We have a wide range of patterns and colours available to meet the tastes and styles of all our clients.

  • Handkerchiefs: We have a very varied range of handkerchiefs, for both men and women, with different fabrics like microfibre, cotton or silk. Within our collection, we should highlight the range of plain essentials and fantasy, cashmere and printed designs.

  • Formalware accessories: We design and produce ties, bow ties, waistcoats, sashes and other accessories to complete wedding outfits. We have a wide range of exclusive designs for formalwear, using microfibre and acetate, the latter being the material that provides the characteristic sheen on dress items.

  • Corporate items: We produce items for advertising promotions and the corporate image of companies like Toyota. We print, silk screen print and even stitch the logo on the ties or items that are requested.

  • Licensed products: We have the official licences for football teams like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. These licenses allow us to design any accessory, uniquely, with their respective logos, ranging from a classic tie to the latest design of belt.

Contact us if you need to make an order for men’s fashion accessories in Sant Cugat del Valles. We will cater to your request as quickly as possible.

Our brands: Boccola, Sala Roca 1882 and Josep Abril, different but complementary.



Our brands: Boccola, Sala Roca 1882 and Josep Abril, different but complementary.




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