What it is?

Microfibre is a type of very fine synthetic material composed of polyester (80%) and polyamide (20%). The thread obtained is one hundred times finer than a human hair, but only half the thickness of silk, its diameter being around 10 microns. Its common use and success in the market began at the beginning of the 90’s and continues today.



Technical characteristics


A fabric formed by threads of multifilament polyester and submitted to a process of ‘decorticating’ in the finish. One of its principal properties is its long life cycle, having been specificlly designed for humans. It is resistent to washing, including at high temperaturas and does not lose its shape.

There are many types of finishes, making it possible to achieve different properties to equal the softness of silk.

Evaluation of the physical properties


The threads of multifilament polyester are characterised by their fineness.

The use of multifilaments and microfibre permits an increase in the number of fibres in the straight section of a particular line of thread and a reduction in the line of component fibres of a constant line of thread.

The flexibility of the multifilaments are transferred to the threads and the corresponding fabrics. These are also characterised by a good fall, a softness to touch, and a greater density of individual filaments for the same texture.

The presence of a large number of filaments allows the manufacture of more breathable fabrics.

The finest fibres combined with the ‘decorticating’ operation (treatment with caustic soda that attacks selectively the periphery of the fibre causing weight loss of around 20%) gives it:

  • a more silky and natural feel
  • greater comfort thanks to a more absorbent fibre
  • better draping or fall
  • better anti-static effect
  • less attraction of dirt.





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